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started washingtons to strengthen the inside of aging pipes by putting liners in them. and now that the leak has happened, maybe they will expedite the plans to do that. vick lee, abc 7 news. >>> well moving on from the flood. walnut creek police hope several new surveillance photo will track down 2 kidnappers. this ace picture of one of the wanted men. 2 are suspected of abducting a woman on november 7th at the shade land business park. police say the pair grabbed 57-year-old woman tied her up and blindfolded her. they then drove her car to several atm and forced her to withdraw money. police say they made one big mistake. >> at one point did he have a mask on and in the video after about a minute or 2 he actually covers the face again so it would appear that he just let down his guard for a brief moment. >>reporter: investigators say the kidnappers used the names autopsy bring and david for the victim police tell us she has mostly covered from her injuries but it is of course a trauma tightsing event. >>> former san francisco school work whor terrorize women in the mis
but effective. 12 and 14 in the fears half. driving score. can't even get a word in. you washington at the present time. >> i'm a target here. go ahead keep going. >> tiger shoot 52 percent from the field. the had 18. gailts first loss 76-66. pacific awitnessing the winner between cal georgia tech rate now. the steal robert carter junior. hoop and foul. yellow jacket up too. showing some up rate hear. jason morris thank you. georgia tech leading 32-31 late in the fears half. sanford winners over northern iowa in the battle for atlanta tournament in the bahamas. football team formula is simpl simple. beat ucla tomorrow at the rose bowl and pack 12 north chance leak the cardinal the bruins coming off huge win. cinch the pack 12 south with win over usc this past saturday. easterny should stanford beat ucla to win the north. 2 teams play again if the pack 12 championship game week from today. >> that's town the road and this is one week of prosecute and one game and all we are concept at any rating on. if something else happens after that that's great. >> i'm counting on th
. this is abc news, washington. >> let's go back and talk about the storm coming in. sandy is in for spencer tonight. this is a doozy. >> it is going to be indeed da dan. it's already starting to intensify. rainfall in santa rosa check out the winds over the higher terrain gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. even 60 miles per hour wind gust writ now at the lower elevation we now at the lower elevation we are let's check out live doppler 7 let's check out live doppler 7 hd. becoming active. we havew 32 miles an hour out of the south east. heavy rain and strong winds for the morning strong winds for the morning rush hour. rain continues on all this moisture will only do intensify the rainfall here in the bay area so we get dumped on here. 11:00 p.m. tonight the front is approaching the north bay and we'll start to see the rainfall picking up. at 4 a.m. heaviest rain orange and yellow still centered in the north bay. notice the slow moving nature of the storm. at 6:00 a.m. it's barely pressing south and east. that's where we will see some gusty winds continuing. potential for thunde
the influence for years to come. he lives on on line. abc news, washington. >> men whale secretary of state hillary clinton is now in the middle east hoping to end the week of fighting between israel and hamas militant. clinton met with israeli prime minister this evening about a cease fire to which the prime minister says his country would be a willing partner. about rocket continue to be fired for a seventh straight day and israel concedes it targeted and killed 3 palestinian journalist saying they had ties to militants. >> back here a one day strike at the port of oakland ended earlier than planned. the strike was by custodial maintenance worker who oppose cut to retirement benefit. some independent truckers who could not get that the port say they were losing about 400 dollars in wages per truck. yawn workers tonight agree to resume contract negotiations. the port reopened by 7 tonight. 2 hours earlier than actually expected and scheduled. last ditch effort to save hostess has failed. company says mediation talk with the baker and confection union broke down late today without an a
: president obama is back in washington tonight. he and his family arrived at joint base andrews. before leaving chicago he spoke to two top leaders of congress and reiterated the need to reduce the deficit, cut taxes for the middle-class and create jobs. lawmakers expressed their willingness to work with one another. >> i'm not suggesting we compromise on our principles, but i am suggesting to commit ourselves to create an atmosphere where we can see common ground where it exists and cease it. >> it's better to dance than fight. it's better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. everything doesn't have to be a fight. that has been the way it's been last couple years. >> dan: they are at disagreement. they differ on the timetable. boehner prefers to wait until the congress is seated. reid wants coming to get the work done immediately. back here, long time congressman pete stark has been ousted by his opponent. he has been in congress important four decades. he was key architect for president's agenda. but his opponent won. two democrats appeared on the ballot because of
hope to provide context. >> reporter: she will be live blogging from washington on policy mike, writing for a generation of college student who is don't often have tvs or radios. >> the internet is the main access. >> reporter: the canking land w's scape chaimpls how we cover it. remember, four years ago, the ipad didn't exist. now there is a possibility you are watching with one of these in your lap. >> big news evens are experiences for people watching tv and at the same time on their mobile phone or with a tablet. >> reporter: while the biggest races are featured on tv, you can find live results in our mobile apps as well as on the web site. and the social media team will be reading. >> we will be looking for what people are talking about, about the election. >> reporter: twitter will be watching and updating its political index, or twindex. on the eve of the election, it showed a race too close to call and even closer in the swing states. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> well, if you have trouble voting tomorrow, you can report any problems to abc7 news. we have elec
for more than 300 yards and 4 touch downs. this one to pierre. washington led 28-3 at the half. cowboy make a game of it as tony threw for contrary high 4 41 yards. this touched down to bryant. cut the lead to z.but they got to closer. washington wins. 3 38-31 both teams 5 and 6. for jets fans not whole lot to give thanks for. tonight they got embarrassed by new england. tom brady to former cal star shane he takes it down the side line for 83 yard touch down. the patriots break it open with a 35 point second quarter. how bad did it get for new york. sanchez runs into offensive line man. fumble the the ball and gregory returns it 32 yards for another score. the patriots win a laugher. 70th annual big bone game was marred today when san jose suffered a neck injury and had to be taken off the field by ambulance. he's now listed in fair condition. another big crowd filled the stands for this south bay thanksgiving tradition. san jose came in undefeated but this game belonged to lincoln. christopher or tests finds the score and cruise 55-13, 15 straight win in the series. 89th t
, period. behind it all. this man. november quist. considered one of the most powerful men in washington. sentences he worked for ronald reagan in the 1980's he's gotten virtually every elected republican to sign a pledge promising no tax increases. >> taxpayer friendly congress. >>reporter: sign to it help electricityed don't violent it for fear of getting hammered for breaking the word. >> how many of these things have been signed. >> thousands over the years. >>reporter: he keeps them on file. n boehner pledge signed 20 years ago. >> nobody signed this 10 years ago, 18 years ago 20 years ago are they still bound by it. >> no. >>reporter: when you got married did your wife make a promise when you borrowed money to bite house. that mortgage that was 10 years ago. you still asking fo me for money. if you make a commitment you mick a commitment. >>reporter: biggest obstacle to any deal that raises taxes but with budget chris's on the horizon and reelected president insisting on tax increases some republicans are now thinking the unthinkable. ditching the pledge. >> i will violate
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8